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I was born in Manfredonia (Italy) on April, 18th, 1996. I received the bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Molise, defending a thesis entitled “OCELOT: automatic generation of test cases in CLion” advised by Prof. Rocco Oliveto and co-advised by Prof. Simone Scalabrino. Afterwards, I received (cum laude) Master's degree in Software and security systems from the University of Molise (Italy) in October 2020, by defending a thesis named: "TensorBot: a conversational assistant for the Tensorflow library to support the developer", advised by Prof. Rocco Oliveto and co-advised by Prof. Gabriele Bavota - from the Università della Svizzera Italiana - and Prof Simone Scalabrino. During the master’s degree, I also obtained a scholarship to work on a research project with CCIAA. In March 2021 I started my Ph.D. @UNIMOL, advised by Prof. Rocco Oliveto, Prof. Fausto Fasano and Prof. Simone Scalabrino.

  • Age 27
  • Based in Isernia - Italy
  • e-mail michele.guerra@unimol.it

I'm also



2021 - Currently
Università del Molise

PhD student

I'm currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Molise (Italy), led by Prof. Rocco Oliveto and co-supervised by Prof. Fausto Fasano and Prof. Simone Scalabrino. I'm currently working in STAKE Lab (SofTware And Knowledge Engineering lab) and MOSAIC Research Center on issues related to the Privacy and Security of Android users and Dynamic Analysis of permission usage and critical resources in Android.

University of Molise

MSc in Software Security and Systems

During my master's degree, I had the opportunity to grow my skills and enrich my knowledge by taking part in various research projects ranging from formal methods, machine learning, and deep learning. During the development of my thesis project I spent a period at the University of Italian Switzerland, where I collaborated with Prof. Gabriele Bavota. I successfully defended my master thesis in October 2020.

University of Molise

BSc in Computer Science

During my bachelor's degree, I built a solid computer science foundation and, in my final year, I had the chance to work on a research project concerning the automatic generation of test cases in C. This project led me to an experimental thesis, where Prof. Rocco Oliveto was my supervisor. I graduated(Cum Laude) in October 2018, by successfully defending my thesis.


2019 - 2020
Università del Molise - CCIAA Molise

Research Project Grant

I obtained a scholarship to work on a project in collaboration with the University of Molise and the CCIAA Molise.

Top Soft Skills

Critical thinking


Time management




Ethical decision making


Negotiation and teamwork


Written and oral communication


Coding Skills












  • Testing
  • Mobile Security
  • Cyber security
  • Team Management
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Mobile development
  • Web development


BigDat 2020 6th International Winter School on Big Data

Membership ID: Michele Guerra
13-17 January 2020

SIESTA International Summer School on Software Engineering

Membership ID: Michele Guerra
3-6 September 2019


Accepted Papers

TSE 2023
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

An Empirical Study on the Effectiveness of Privacy Indicators

Michele Guerra, Simone Scalabrino, Fausto Fasano, and Rocco Oliveto

DBSec 2023
Conference on Data and Applications Security and Privacy

A Dynamic Approach to Defuse Logic Bombs in Android Applications

Fausto Fasano, Michele Guerra, Roberto Milanese, and Rocco Oliveto

International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy

RPCDroid: Runtime Identification of Permission Usage Contexts in Android Applications

Michele Guerra, Roberto Milanese, Rocco Oliveto and Fausto Fasano

Applied Sciences Ph.D. Research Track: New Research Frontiers at the University of Molise

CPMDroid: Analysis of Contextualized Permission Usage for Malicious App Detection in Android

Second best poster award

Michele Guerra, Fausto Fasano, Simone Scalabrino and Rocco Oliveto


Dangerous Permissions in Android: Open Issues and Pitfalls

Michele Guerra, Fausto Fasano, Simone Scalabrino and Rocco Oliveto

December 2019
IEEE International Conference on Big Data

User Authentication through Keystroke Dynamics by means of Model Checking: A Proposal

Fabio Di Tommaso, Michele Guerra, Fabio Martinelli, Francesco Mercaldo, Massimo Piedimonte, Giovanni Rosa and Antonella Santone

33rd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering

OCELOT: a search-based test-data generation tool for C

Simone Scalabrino, Giovanni Grano, Dario Di Nucci, Michele Guerra, Andrea De Lucia, Harald C. Gall, and Rocco Oliveto

Ongoing projects

RPCDroid extension
We are currently evaluating the results

A customized dynamic and user-centered Android permission model based on user preferences


... and more!

Teaching and Professional Service

Teaching Assistant for

Fall 2022
University of Molise, Italy

Web and mobile programming course

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

2021 - 2022
University of Molise, Italy

Software project management course

Master of Science in Software Systems Security

2021 - 2022
University of Molise, Italy

Software engineering course

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

2021 - 2022
University of Molise, Italy

Collaboration for support activities in the management of the master's program

Postgraduate Master's specialization in Information technologies for innovation and competitiveness

Memeber of

Since 2021


SofTware And Knowledge Engineering lab

Since 2021

MOSAIC Research Center

Mathematics Optimization Statistics Artificial Intelligence Computing



Isernia/Manfredonia, Italy


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